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The Beer Transport Unit (BTU) by Growler On Board is designed specifically with spill & damage free transportation in mind. No more worrying about having your growlers rolling around in your backseat, floor, or trunk! BTUs hold your growler and its contents in an upright position, eliminating the chance of them colliding or breaking. No more using cardboard boxes, baby seats, towels, or whatever else you find to secure your growlers for the drive home.

The BTU's are made of low density foam, giving it the insulation properties similar to a can koozie.  Delivering your growler to your destination at cold & ready to drink (within reason). Talk about brewery fresh!

•Holds standard 1/2 gallon growlers, as well as 2L swing top style growlers with handles.
•Made of low density foam making it light enough to carry with filled growlers, and retain insulation qualities similar to a can cozy.
•Place on floor, trunk or seat. For extra peace of mind secure with seatbelt, although we have found it not to be necessary.
•1.4" holes in the bottom of each cavity make for convenient drying of growlers when properly washed & rinsed.


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